About us

The Bulgarian Joint Cancer Network (BJCN) is a national cancer network in the Republic of Bulgaria. The abbreviation of the network – СОНМ [sɔnm], is an old Bulgarian word meaning both gathering of many people together and a gathering of gods (pantheon).

The legal format of BJCN is a non-governmental non-profit association with public benefit activities. In social terms, it is an open cluster organization, that functions as an ecosystem of medical and non-medical societies with a wide range of multidisciplinary interrelations in the field of oncology.

The BJCN operates through network synergies, being differentiated into cluster sectors and relevant coordination groups, adhering to three principles: (i) multiplication of cluster interactions, (ii) exchange of mutual benefits and (iii) positive external cluster effect.

The main goals of BJCN are to achieve synergy in the expert functions of the individual medical societies in Bulgaria dealing with fundamental and/or clinical oncology; optimize the cooperation between the societies in different disciplines and the “triangle” of social knowledge (universities, industry, government); initiate and develop innovations for oncological care in Bulgaria, including screening and prevention, diagnosis and treatment, psychosocial support and quality of life and digitalization.

Cluster sectors

Clinical guidelines, periodicals, conferences



Comprehensive oncology centers, networking, innovation

Screening and early diagnosis programs



Programs for psychosocial support and quality of life assessment

Continuing medical education in oncology and hematology



Research, digital reconstructions and registers

Interinstitutional / international synergies and partner network



Pediatric oncohematology

Finance, mediation and ethics


Management Board

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar KALEV


Clinical guidelines, periodicals, conferences


Vice President

Pediatric oncohematology

Prof. Dr. Margarita GUENOVA

Vice President

Continuing medical education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asya KONSOULOVA

Comprehensive centers, networking, innovation

Prof. Dr. Galina KIROVA

Screening and early diagnosis programs

Prof. Dr. Grigor GORCHEV

Finance, mediation and ethics


Prof. Dr. Draga TONCHEVA

 Research, digital reconstructions and registers

Ekaterina VITKOVA

Programs for psychosocial support and quality of life assessment

Dr. Jasmina KOEVA

Interinstitutional / international synergies and partner network


MORÉ Clinical Guidelines

Evidence-based guidelines have been developed annually by national multidisciplinary expert boards since 2010. They include recommendations for clinical behavior in solid tumors with different localization in adults and children, predictive biomarkers, and psychosocial support in oncology. The Oxford CEBM method has been used for evidence analysis and formulation of recommendations, and since 2020 – the GRADE approach.

MORÉ Monographs

Oncological monographic texts by Bulgarian and foreign authors are dedicated to current issues of prevention, screening, diagnosis, TNM-staging and treatment of malignant diseases in adults and children.

MORÉ Conference

An annual national conference with multidisciplinary participation, held since 2010, is thematically dedicated to specific malignancies in adults and children. It includes plenary and discussion sessions. It is traditionally held in the second half of October.

MORÉ Training Seminars

Videoconferencing modules for continuing medical education in oncology and hematology are thematically dedicated to the most current diagnostic and therapeutic problems in solid tumors and hematological neoplasms. They include lectures by leading experts, training demonstrations and evaluation tests.

MORÉ Textbooks

Collections of scientific articles are thematically dedicated to specific malignant diseases in adults and children and intended for continuing medical education in oncology and hematology. The textbooks include literature reviews and are developed by the experts who authored the sections in the evidence-based clinical guidelines.

MORÉ Prospective Breast Cancer Screening Study

A prospective observational study to compare the effectiveness of thermal imaging against conventional breast cancer screening procedures. The design was developed in collaboration between cancer experts’ teams and Kelvin Health JSC.




Academician Prof. Dr. Grigor Angelov Gorchev

Academician Prof. Dr. Draga Ivanova Toncheva-Miteva

Academician Prof. Dr. Chavdar Krumov Slavov

Prof. Dr. Alexander Emilov Yuliyanov

Prof. Dr. Valeria Ignatova Kaleva

Prof. Dr. Galina Ivanova Kirova-Nedyalkova

Prof. Dr. Georgi Leonidov Kobakov

Prof. Dr. Gueorgui Nikolaevich Balatzenko

Prof. Dr. Georgi Todorov Baichev

Prof. Dr. Daniel Vasilev Kostov

Prof. Dr. Dobrin Nikolov Konstantinov

Prof. Dr. Elena Nikolova Piperkova

Prof. Dr. Ivan Gavrilov Georgiev

Prof. Dr. Kamelia Zaharieva Genova

Prof. Dr. Konstanta Velinova Timcheva

Prof. Dr. Margarita Lubenova Guenova

Prof. Dr. Nikola Nikolov Vladov

Prof. Dr. Pavel Kirilov Stanimirov

Prof. Dr. Penka Peneva Stefanova

Prof. Dr. Rumen Lyubenov Pandev

Prof. Dr. Rumen Stefanov Stefanov

Prof. Dr. Slavcho Tomov Tomov

Prof. Dr. Sonya Borisova Sergieva

Prof. Dr. Tatiana Dimitrova Hadjieva

Prof. Dr. Tashko Stefanov Deliiski

Prof. Dr. Hristo Ivanov Shivachev

Prof. Dr. Julian Ivanov Raynov

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asya Andrianova Konsoulova-Kirova

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Nikolaev Kalev

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivelin Rumenov Takorov

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krassimir Tsvetkov Minkin

Assoc. Prof. Milka Hristova Georgieva

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolai Radev Yordanov

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pavel Hristov Bochev

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Julian Dimitrov Rangachev

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yana Dimitrova Bocheva

Dr. Alexandrina Ivanova Vlahova

Dr. Vanya Ivanova Mitova

Dr. Veselina Stoyanova Koleva – Topova

Dr. Ivan Ventsislavov Vetzev

Dr. Ivo Lyudmilov Gergov

Dr. Iglika Hristova Ignatova

Dr. Krassimir Dimitrov Koinov

Dr. Marcela Dimcheva Koleva

Dr. Stanimir Galinov Hasardjiev

Andrei Petrov Slabakov

Violeta Naidenova Naidenova

Ekaterina Ivanova Vitkova

Milena Ivanova Stoycheva

Dr. Gavrail Georgiev Nakov